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Saturday, August 24, 2013

week end musings

1. heaven is not real. neither is the world. what we percieve as the world is an image created in our brain using the inputs from our sensory organs like sight , sound... five in total  and the stored memories of our species which we can call conscience,soul,  intuition or  basic instincts. oh yes there are quite a few things which we will never understand. blocked by design. more of it later.
2. god is the one who told us what is right and what is wrong. we needed this badly when we started living together in groups. and we could not have accepted these rules from one among us. it had to be someone superior. and we invented god. but remember  we invented the wheel .. the currency.. and they are all useful.
3. do religions differ ? no , not in content. only in packaging. and that is welcome variety.
4. is faith being misused by religious establishments? yes, very much. then use and misuse  exist in complementary pairs.
5. selfishness is your birth right. that makes living possible. but selfishness is the birth right of them too; not only yours

Thursday, August 8, 2013

be patient

advice given on the net to a girl who is unhappy with her mother.

it is neither your fault nor mum's. in fact there is no fault involved in this. the thing is that two individuals are trying to coexist. there will be intrusions into each others personal space. you are expanding your personal space and mom feels threatened about her own personal space. this is common in the whole world.
now the solution.
-- try to put youself in her shoes and think. not always . atleast occasionally. this will help u understand things from her perspective.
--dont take dictionary meaning of the spoken word. words are used to convey an emotion not to make a statement in conversations. so the words   'she wishes she had never had me'  etc have no meaning  but only an emotion anger attached to it
-- be positive. many are. at least believe they are. for example when yr mom praises yr brother she doesnt mean u r bad. she is most probably not thinking about u at that moment.
the last advice
--be patient . if u two can hold fort the problem will just go away in course of time. no problem can stay static for a long time ( in fact nothing in this world can remain static for long ). if the problem is not allowed to escalate it will die down