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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

random thoughts on terorism

root cause of terrorism the world over is the feeling among a section of the people that they have been wronged and that all established procedures have failed to get them justice for a long time. this could well be a perception.
the problem now is that it is impossible to establish that it is just a feeling and not the truth. becoz it could well be the truth at least in parts.
so the first remedy is to accept the fact that society on this side has harmed the section on the other side; knowingly or unknowingly; yesterday if not today.  make amends. that is the most important first step.
at the same time we can not run away from the realisation that it has now become a war. which has to be fought. not as much to win the war as to make the adversary  realise that the exercise is futile. they can not win the war at any cost.

this is what govts world over are doing. the only improvement that we can think of is to make it 80-20. 80% efforts to make amends for the wrongs. 20% to contain the violence.
and the most important third step is not to allow either the disparity  or the violence to escalate at any cost. by suitably altering the 80-20 prescription.

the catch , or shall we say the solace , is that no discontentment can be sustained for long and passed on to the next generation. so the best tactics to battle  terrorism is to gain time. the worst of course is to fight for a clear win. terrorism is a problem which cannot be solved. it should be allowed to be dissolved . in that eternal solution called time.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

" Obama and Modi look beyond visa row...''

why is sangeetha's husband  'rescued'  from indian legal system with active involvement of US embassy staff not sent back to india ? why is devayani's case proceeded with renewed vigour bordering on vengeance even after trial court set it aside ? what action is being taken against those involved in blowing devayani case out of all proportions and destroying the long standing  friendship between the two countries ? these are a few questions lingering in the minds of indians even while sincerely appreciating the magnanimous move of US  president inviting indian  prime minister for a summit meeting.
even to bury the hatchet we need to dig a bit.

Right Information Group or RIG

join RIG  under local circles. 
here is the mission statement

wrong information is flooding our living space. some by accident . but many by design, this group aims at countering the misinformation campaign.  see for example the high profile ad campaign running currently  on prime time tv with endorsements from respectable film stars. for right spiraling conk shell  ( വലം പിരി ശംഖു് ). see how big the campaign is and how large the target group could be. we should try and counter these campaigns. with whatever we have. discussions,  meetings, social media, handouts , interviews. and even politics if that helps.

here is the link


Thursday, June 26, 2014

article 370 again

Interesting and disturbing facts.
What is section 370?
● Jammu - Kashmir's citizens have dual citizenship.
● Jammu - Kashmir's national flag is different.
Jammu - Kashmir' Legislative Assembly's term is 6 years
Whereas its 5 years for the States of India
● In Jammu - Kashmir it’s not a crime to insult India's national flag or the national Symbols!
● The order of the Supreme Court of India are not valid in Jammu - Kashmir.
● Parliament of India may make laws in extremely limited areas in terms of Jammu - Kashmir.
● In Jammu-Kashmir,
If a woman marries a person of any other states of India, citizenship of the female ends!
In contrast, if a woman marries a person from Pakistan even that person will get citizenship of Jammu - Kashmir.
● Because of Section 370
RTI does not apply in Kashmir.
RTE is not implemented
CAG does not apply...
Indian laws are not applicable
● Sharia law is applicable to women in Kashmir.
There are no rights to panchayats in Kashmir.

A peon only gets Rs 2500 in Kashmir
Minorities in Kashmir [Hindu - Sikh] do not get 16% reservation.
● Due to Section 370
Outsiders cannot own land in Kashmir.
● Because of Section 370 Pakistanis gets Indian citizenship, for which they only need to marry girl from Kashmir
● It’s a good start to remove section370
At least one step has been taken further.
The new government has already raised this issue.!!
Now if someone wants to say something about these secular facts then they are welcome.!
Section 370 has to be removed
So please forward this message as much as possible. !

        from  a post from my  mr  pvs krishnan

Monday, June 23, 2014

How Has a Mom Changed Your World?

How Has a Mom Changed Your World?

Every day, moms drive change for their families and communities and are passionate about helping families around the world achieve health and happiness. That’s why the United Nations Foundation, Johnson & Johnson, The Huffington Post, and Baby Center are hosting Moms +SocialGood . What do moms do to make the world a better place? How has technology enabled moms to make a great impact? How has a mom helped you? We want to know what you think! Tell us by submitting a post to the community, tweeting us with #socialgood, writing to us on Facebook, posting on Instagram with #socialgood or by commenting below! Moms +SocialGood will be the culminating event of the Global Moms Relay, which runs from International Women’s...Read More

Turning Connections to Impact

Turning Connections to Impact

Photo: Young girls gather together for a sexual health class with SNEHA, an NGO supported by UNDP, inside the Dharavi slum in Mumbai. A year ago, someone asked me, “So what does a connector do?”. This question was asked in jest, a dig at my title at Plus Social Good that suggested that I was ‘connected’ to a lot of people around the world. At the time, I couldn’t answer her. The truth was, it was new to me. I didn’t know what being a connector could translate to other than “connections”. It was at the recent India + Social Good event that I had a chance to witness the true power that a connector has in translating ideas to impact. While the event power-packed with great...Read More